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I am still in absolute shock and awe that I won this challenge. My body shape is different- so much smaller, my clothes fit better, I can breathe better and have more energy, I feel stronger and joints don’t hurt as much and my greatest win is that the piercing headaches I used to have that kept me up at night got better and I sleep soundly now. I feel blessed to have found you.  Thank you for teaching me how to care for myself and work to be a stronger person for my family.

Laura Prospero

I have been apart of the LTFU community for a few years now and these last couple of years my life has changed exponentially. I work in an office and enjoy fitness but struggled with being able to find a balance with my work life and managing time to exercise and eat healthy. The coaches provide such one on one personal support that I was guided and taught how to properly work, exercise for my goals and still have a social life. I love the LTFU community of women who are so supportive and are all on a similar journey as myself. It is hard to get the support you need from family/friends if they do not understand the lifestyle change. So being able to network with women who do understand because they either have been through it or are going through it has made me feel so supported. I have lost a lot of weight, I have been able to get off my anti-depressants and am in the best shape of my life mentally and physically. I have even inspired my coworkers to start changing their own bad habits watching my transform as a woman feeling so empowered in my own skin. I am so thankful to have found Lady The F Up and am forever grateful for what it continues to give to me!

Susan M

Coaching isn't a
one-size-fits all approach.

No two women have the same body, lifestyle, genetics or goals. As your body changes, so should your programming to accomodate. THAT is how we produce world-class results shown below…

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