ladythefup 60 Day Challenge

Next challenge starts May 12th, 2024

Our challenge is made for three types of women...

1. women that don't have time to workout in-person with a personal trainer
2. women that have tried diet after diet and program after program with no success.
3. women that feel like they lost themselves, and want their confidence back.
Imagine how good you could feel if you felt your best?

Diets don't work

Diets don’t work!. In fact, 80% of women that start a diet will quit within 3-months and regain all the weight back that they lost. Our clients keep their results because we help create the foundation for sustainable fat loss.

the fight against
your body

The key to sustainable fat loss is following a nutrition and training program that is tailored for you. When you are in a relative energy deficit, your body burns fat much more effectively. When you are in an absolute deficit, your body fights against you to burn fat. Having a coach that understands metabolism will end the fight against fat loss, once and for all so that your body gets into and remains in a fat burning state.


The women we work with reach a tipping point! There is no better feeling than being in control of your decisions, your body and your life. Our program provides you with the foundation to be your best, not just during the 60-days but afterwards too. Strength in life is having the strength to control the decisions you make! THAT is power, and that is what the women we coach experience.

The best transformations wins over $5000 in prizes!

1st PLACE:

$1,500 cash OR 24 weeks of LadyTheFUp coaching (a $2,400 value)

2nd & 3rd PLACE:

8 weeks of LadyTheFUp coaching OR a LadyTheFUp Transformation Celebration Photoshoot experience with publication opportunity (a $1,000 value)

2 “special recognitition” awards each recieve:

A $250 LadyTheFUp clothing credit

what you get

The best transformations win over $5,000 in prizes!

Have a goal to work towards

24/7 Support & Accountability

All clients will be able to communicate with their coach through the LadyTheFUp app. When messaging your coach, you will always receive a reply within 24 hours. 

Aside from your bi-weekly check-ins, you are able to book face-to-face video calls with your coach to review exercise form, ask questions or discuss concerns at any time. 

We actually get upset if you DON’T reach out. We are always here to help you and you will never be bothering us. 

Education & Pro Tips Along the Way

You will receive regular educational emails throughout the challenge, as well as videos from the coaching team so that you understand the “why” and “how” behind “what” you’re doing, as well as tips for planning & habits to be more successful each week. 

At the end of the challenge, you are be able to continue with the newly-learned sustainable, healthy lifestyle for the rest of your life.

Coaching Check ins

You will send physique updates to your coach every-other week (at minimum). This is to hold you accountable, and to make any necessary program changes to ensure you’re progressing week to week and never hit that “plateau”.  

We’re not just here to tell you what to eat or how to exercise either. Our coaching services emphasizes your daily actions and behaviours that will lead to your success, including day-to-day planning & preparation, organization, optimal sleep, and minimal mental/emotional stress.

Community of Women

While you work directly with one coach, you have the support of our ENTIRE coaching team behind you pushing you to become your best self. 

We also create an exclusive 60 Day Challenge members group to share your wins, your struggles, your sweaty selfies with our community  strong, supportive women that all want to see you succeed. Many challengers end up making life-long friends from around the world! 

Personalized Nutrition & Training

Each person will get a unique plan for your current shape, body composition and lifestyle. For us, it’s all about what will work best for YOU - likes and dislikes, digestive health, and prior exercise experience are all taken into account.

Our coaching provides you with exercises that will enhance your body’s unique natural shape, teaches you how to fuel your body with the right foods to see and feel optimal results.

It's time you finally experience
feeling your best

Challenge starts on May 12th!!