We’ll explore how Rawls both defends and reimagines classic liberalism in a modern context, as well as how he defines an ideal government. In addition, we’ll examine critiques of his work, the intellectual basis for his arguments, and real-world examples of the politics he discusses. An abstract concisely explains all the key points of an academic text such as a thesis, dissertation or journal article.

Now that you know the key points that the article aims to communicate, you need to put them in your own words. In a scientific article, there are some easy questions you can ask to identify the key points in each part. Other types of articles may not be explicitly divided into sections.

When deciding which fictional plot points to include, ask yourself, “Is this information vital for understanding the ‘big picture’ of the story? Now, with everything laid out in front of you, scan through each summary and pick out the most important ideas and plot points. Jot these down in bullet list form on a separate sheet of paper.

I struggle remembering most books I read so decided to use a summary to at least reflect. I decided to research how to do this and I chanced on your website. Writing a book summary can take anywhere from six to nine hours, depending on the book’s length. I also knew I wanted to use the story to illustrate the idea of pausing, an idea I learned from The Little Book of Yes.

Liesel’s mother was a sick, destitute woman who was described as constantly sick in the book. She did not have enough money to take care of her children and her son, Liesel’s brother, died from a combination of starvation and sickness. Liesel’s mom thought someone else could properly care and educate her children and she left her for her foster parents to take care of her. One of the novel’s highlights is when Hans offered bread to a weak Jew who was among a group of Jewish prisoners led through town to the Dachau Concentration Camp.

She’s likable, quirky and learns some valuable life lessons throughout the book. The semi-professional production of The Wizard of Oz that Julia’s mother signs her up for the summer that Julia seems like she’d like to just stay in bed is, of course, life changing. This is one of those books that reminds you of the positive power that you can have as an adult. Endearing novel seen through the eyes of the oh so charming preteen Julia Marks.

In one of the best-known openings in American fiction, Salinger sets the tone for Holden’s personality and narrative style. The first paragraph of the novel is often compared to the opening lines of Mark Twain’s novel The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn . From the beginning, we, the readers, realize that Holden is not a traditional narrator.

While Auggie claims he’s used to people staring at him wherever he goes , his sister, Olivia “Via” Pullman is not; she gets visibly upset. Auggie’s fortitude to face public opinion is put to the test when he learns that he has been accepted to Beecher Prep-and that his parents expect him to attend. Genesis is a carefully and intentionally crafted account of Israel’s origin story. Moses is traditionally credited as the human author of the Old-Testament book of Genesis.

It is another big player, and a Professional plan for $199 per year gets you access to 2,500+ summaries, webinars and newsletters. The service features corporate plans in additional to individual ones, including webinars with authors and tips videos. Identify and understand very fast the facts and the ideas of your texts that are part of the current news and events. After some time, Hans returns home; bombs are thrown on Liesel’s street in Molching, killing her friends, family, and neighbors. Liesel is the sole survivor because she was working on her manuscript in the basement during the raid.

A masterpiece of American children’s literature, Charlotte’s Webis a fable by E.B. White about a runt of a pig named Wilbur, who is loved by a little girl and befriended by a very clever spider named Charlotte. In the novel, some of the characters also manipulate each other. For example, O’Brien appears to be a friend of Winston’s, when in reality he has been setting up a scheme over the course of seven years to get Winston to betray the party and prove his disloyalty. There are many minor characters in 1984, including coworkers at the Ministry where Winston and Julia work, or other prisoners at the prison Winston is taken to at the end of the book.

The world Jonas lives https://summarystory.com/the-tables-turned/the-hidden-meaning-behind-the-tables-turned/ in is free from hatred, war, ear and pain and is a Utopian society where everyone is polite, choice is eliminated, and everyone looks and acts like one another. Marriage is based on compatibility and children are assigned https://www.gcu.edu/degree-programs/master-arts-autism-spectrum-disorders to parents. Though Auggie initially feels like his parents have betrayed him, he agrees to go to school. Auggie takes it all in stride because he’s used to it. He makes a new friend, Jack Will; he and Jack Will sit next to each other in practically every class, providing some relief from his status as an outcast. Auggie also befriends Summer Dawson, a kind girl who sits with him at lunch when no one else will.

Peter writes a letter reminding Christians about the truth of Jesus, and warning them that false teachers will come. Peter writes to Christians who are being persecuted, encouraging them to testify to the truth and live accordingly. Paul is nearing the end of his life, and encourages Timothy to continue preaching the word. This brief account of Jesus’ earthly ministry highlights Jesus’ authority and servanthood. This is an account of Jesus’ life, death, and resurrection, focusing on Jesus’ role as the true king of the Jews. The New Testament includes 27 books about Jesus’ ministry and what it means to follow him.